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The family’s agricultural business began its activity in the mid-800s – starting with grandpa Peppino and following with grandpa Alfonzo – by rearing calves and pigs and producing wine and olive oil for their own sustenance. The business began with Bruna and Armando who in 1970 started to market their products locally. From the year 2000 onwards, Carlo and Marco transformed the 140 hectare estate – which includes farmhouses and two small lakes – into an entity capable of maximising the territory’s potential, as well as the traditions of Umbria, through the production of organic wine and olive oil, ‘Cinta Senese’ sausages and cheese.
Today, Chiara and Luca, the fifth generation committed to the project, contribute with fresh strength and enthusiasm to the growth of the activity.

The location of the business, between the slopes of Mount Tezio and the plain of Lake Trasimeno, is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines and olive trees as well as to the breeding of wild endemic species such as the ‘Cinta Senese’ pig. In this setting, which is defined by a well-rooted gastronomic tradition and by a simple and healthy lifestyle, the Carini family was able to create some great wines, superior oils, meats and cheeses inspired by ancient traditions, all united by a love of the land and the continuous pursuit for perfection.
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