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Cinta senese

The Carinis are the only family in Umbria who breeds the ‘Cinta Senese’ by operating on a closed cycle (the pigs are born, grow, reproduce and are processed entirely on the farm), a conscious choice which ensures the highest level of quality and safeguarding of a breed of pig with unique characteristics, and which is now facing extinction.
There are approximately eighty pigs that graze in a forest of nearly ten acres, which features a dominant presence of oak acorn, arbutus, chestnut trees and a variety of grasses, precious food items for the ‘Cinta’s diet. During the harsh winters, the feed for the animals is enriched with products grown exclusively on the farm, including chestnuts. The pigs live in the wild for a period of two to three years; this renders their meat particularly dark and flavourful and marbled with fat, a trait that distinguishes it from other pigs and that allows for perfect aging.