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Organic olive oil

  • L'olio Novo
    100 bottles of the very first Dolce Agogia oil. (Continue)
  • E.V.O. oil "Colle delle macine" - monocultivar
    0,50lt organic extra virgin olive oil from monocultivar... (Continue)
  • Oil "Colle delle Macine" in bottle
    Extra virgin olive oil in bottle of 1 litre (Continue)
  • Olive orchards
    The estate comprises approximately 2,800 plants which are... (Continue)
  • E.V.O. oil in can
    0,25lt organic extra virgin olive oil (Continue)
  • Company
    The Carini agricultural business comprises a 140 hectare... (Continue)
  • The faces of wine
    The many faces of the Carlo & Marco Carini enterprise (Continue)