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Crema di Lardo di Cinta Senese

White as snow
From the Cinta Senese lard of our farms we produce a spreadable cream with an unmistakable scent, enriched with rosemary and pepper, which is also delicate and sweet on the palate at the same time.
Once, it was prepared by beating the lard in a white marble mortar, today it is cold worked with cutting-edge methods but its authenticity remains intact: it is in fact gluten-free, without preservatives and without dyes.

There are only many possibilities of use: in the basic sautéed for minestrone, pasta and beans, tomato sauce, first courses and seafood risottos, but also spread on prawns, scampi, swordfish, sea bass and hot bread croutons with a drop of honey, polenta and in cooking baked potatoes.

In 200 gr Weck jar.