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Seasoned pecorino barricato

Made with milk from the farm’s sheep, it is pasteurized and processed using traditional methods with the addition of selected enzymes. It is then wrapped in straw with spices and natural flavourings and seasoned in the absence of oxygen inside our red wine barrels. After three months we get a cheese which is characterized by a very strong flavour and a slightly spicy taste. It is a perfect pairing with
jam or honey and a glass of full-bodied red wine, excellent with the Oscano.

Pasteurized sheep’s milk, lactic cultures, rennet, salt.

Vacuum-packed for an optimal preservation of the product.
  • Aged Pecorino Spreadable Cream
    Mouth-watering! (Continue)
  • Fresh pecorino with olives
    Fresh pecorino, with our very best olives. (Continue)
  • Pecorino Fresco
    A brand new black pecorino cheese with charcoal. (Continue)